Not the perfect name (we're working on that), but certainly the perfect location.  Our farm is only about four miles from downtown Hilo on the Big Island, yet covers somewhat over a square mile.  The farm has wonderful views of Hilo, Hilo Bay, Puna, Mauna Kea (where the telescopes are), Mauna Loa (still active, but with an atmospheric observatory on it), and Kilauea's active vent Pu'u o'o.

This area gets 150 to 200 inches of rain each year, and has a deep clay soil.  The land was used for growing sugar cane starting in the 1800's, up until about 1980, and has a marvelous infrastructure of cane roads.  These roads, though needing attention, make it possible to easily get around in the wet seasons.

Our Vision
To create a cooperative and enduring Community residing on the Property, who share love and deep appreciation for the Aina, who regard each other as ohana, whose work on the property sustains, beautifies, and improves the land, and who continually seek a healthy balance between work and play. 

We have two  20' x 48' greenhouses with automatic sprinkling systems, a 40' x 46' equipment barn, two completed houses and a almost completed guest house. Plans have been made for two more houses and another greenhouse. Over time, we hope to build enough living space to allow most of our ohana to live on the farm.

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Usually used to mean family, the Hawaiian word ohana actually means the folks you work with.  Here are some of the puueo.com ohana.  This group, and others not shown have just finished filling over 500 bags with a mixture of black cinder and peat moss that will be used to start cacao seedlings.
Puueo.com is actually three pieces of property.  The site http://2bc3.com/index.html shows topo maps and photos of the largest piece as well as providing some historical information.