Carol teaches and leads International Folk Dance on most Wednesdays starting at 7:00.  The event if free and at our house in town.  For details, contact carolandlon@gmail.com.

This is a picture of the folks on a recent Wednesday.
We are blessed to know a bunch of great musicians and dancers, so we have regular potluck music and dance parties.  The pictures below show some of the musicians and dancers.  Please forgive me for not showing all the folks that have been there, and including all their names.  The music is typically old time, Irish or country, but there's many folks with a wide variety of backgrounds.  Dancing is typically international folk, waltz or clogging, but we have done swing.

We even take a break and sit on the porch sometimes, the view is great, and the company is hard to beat!

Below are controls that let you hear Stringamajig play some of the tunes in the Hilo Tune Book

Click on the book for a larger version of the cover
Stringamajig is a band that plays Irish, Old Time, International Folk and a varitey of other dance styles.There are no gigs scheduled for March or April, although many of the members usually show up for the music and dance jams at the farm house.  Oddly enough Stringamajig has two events scheduled for 2012!

The Hilo Tune Book shown up and to the left is is a collection of over 60 tunes composed by the members of Stringamajig, and includes a number of drawings of the Hilo area by Carol Hocker.  Contact stringamagig@gmail.com for details.