Improve the Land
Our goal is to structure our commercial activities to earn sufficient income to not only cover our operating and maintenance costs but also sufficient net earnings to be able to invest in improvements to the property that increase its value over the long term.

The bridge at the left was built by the sugar cane folks, and after  more than a century of use was beginning to collapse.  Concrete and rebar to the rescue!  Note the 4" pipe at the bottom is able to carry all of the water in stream when we are in a dry spell.

Lead by Example
Through some form of agritourism or other commercial outreach activities, we hope to teach others about the unique agronomic practices of Hawaii, as well as the history and culture of old Hawaii.

Partner with Others
With the help of others, we hope to undertake research in agriculture, that has the potential of beneficial spin-offs.

Diversified Agriculture
We plan to undertake a program of diversified agriculture, and add value to the harvest by developing food products that can be shared or sold outside the Community. To this end we expect to plant several thousand trees (cacao, longon, lychee and oil palm) by the end of 2011.

This picture shows one of about 60 cacao plants already on the property.  They are just beginning to produce, and we are learning how to make chocolate from the pods.

Self Sufficiency
We hope to use the principles of engineering and the natural resources of the environment to provide for as much of our own needs and wants as practical, in a pursuit of ever greater self-sufficiency in a comfortable and healthy lifestyle.

Balance Work with Recreation
We will try to provide ample opportunities for fun and self-fulfillment, including the sharing of music, dance, and art.

There are many shockingly beautiful places on the farm.  The picture at the left was taken from the top of a waterfall looking down a stream.  This area is completely covered by trees, and the low branches above the stream have grown in a beautiful pattern while looking for sunlight.

Share our Good Fortune
We plan to give back to the Hilo community a share of our time, talent, and treasure, while building a community which can prosper for generations to come.