More than a Square Mile
The farm is so large, that we can't attempt to fill it out all in once.  The drawing at the right shows the current land usage of the property.

Yellow is for Cattle
The large yellow areas are currently in cattle.  The cattle mow the grass and help suppress the shrubs.  Over time, this improves the property.  The people who lease the property from us also help improve the property by eliminating noxious weeds and encouraging good grass for the cattle.  When we first bought the place, the grass, weeds and shrubs were so high that we had no idea which areas had views!

Gray is in Fruit Trees & Housing
The gray areas are not leased and are being developed for housing and crops.  As these areas are completed, we expect to take over other areas that currently in cattle.

The red square is where the greenhouse and equipment barn is located.  We also have several test fields here where we are growing prototype quantities of crops.

The blue square shows where the farm gathering house is located.  It is also the location of our sunken garden.

Green is for Vegetables
The area colored green is leased for growing vegetables.  Growing vegetables is challenging because of the nematodes and feral pigs.